Business Coaching: How to Avoid Repentance After Making Decisions?

Among the benefits of business coaching is the achievement of objectives in a successful way through teamwork and how the various gears are complemented regardless of the size of the company or business.

However, before the employees of an organization conduct a workshop from Melbourne Business Coach it is important that they have basic notions about paralysis of perfection or repentance after making decisions.

What is repentance?

When you blame yourself for a bad result, or feel sadness as a result of a choice you have made, you are feeling repentance. Repentance can take many forms, including: a sense of loss after the breakup of a relationship, frustration after not capitalizing on a career opportunity or a feeling of intense sadness after a father could not be seen in his final days .

In Stride Group we mentioned some specific ways to avoid or deal with repentance, so you can make the most of corporate coaching sessions .

If there’s nothing you can do, let it go

Letting go is something that you practice with business coaching

Successful businessmen like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington know that winning also means losing a lot!

Losses could include: failed businesses, personal bankruptcy or scandals. Whatever the cause, successful entrepreneurs have learned how to drop faults and move towards victories. If they spent time and energy repenting of every decision that led to failure, they would quickly lose their entrepreneurial spirit.

Do not blame yourself too much

Through business coaching you will learn to deal with repentance

In general, it is believed that forgiving others is easier than forgiving ourselves. Unfortunately, this means that we are also likely to blame ourselves more than we should.

Let’s say you had a minor car accident that you thought was your fault. But, how sure are you that your error was 100%? Maybe the lighting, the weather or the road conditions had some effect? If the accident involved another driver, could he have been partially guilty as well?

Once you are aware of the psychological tendency that people assume too many faults, you can begin to see a more just and realistic image.

Learn from your mistakes

Business Coaching: How to Avoid Repentance After Making Decisions?

It is easy to allow remorse to splinter your happiness and break your dreams. However, there is another way.

Instead of lamenting, look for the cause of what went wrong and see if you can learn from it.

For example, you posted something stupid on social media, and now you worry because it can affect your career prospects. Despite all your efforts, you have not been able to eliminate all traces of the publication.

It is at this point that you must take a step back and admit to yourself that you made a mistake (a stupid and foolish publication). While you may not be able to correct the error, you can learn from it. You can make the effort and make sure that your future publications on social networks are free of controversial comments and embarrassing photos.

Choose the correct errors

Business coaching helps in the process of error recognition

The older you are, the more likely you are to feel regret. The reason for this is the fact that as we get older it is more difficult to correct our mistakes. This can make remorse more and more painful.

Due to the previous trend, it is important to address regrets without delay.

Let’s say you regret having taken a book from your school library and never returned it. Years after the incident, you still feel bad about that. Instead of doing nothing, choose to act. If you still have the book, you can send it to school (anonymously if necessary). If you no longer have the book, why not donate an alternative book to the library?

Straightening our mistakes can free us immediately of our remorse. Try it, and see for yourself.

Improve decision making

Business coaching helps in decision making

In life, we must make innumerable decisions every day. What clothes to wear? What food to eat? Which friends to call? (To name just a few.)

There are also important decisions we must make in life. These include choosing a partner, a career and a place to call home.

Clearly, knowing how to make good decisions is an essential skill for a happy and successful life. And that’s not all: by making favorable decisions on a regular basis, we will have fewer things to regret.

Release negative emotions by writing a letter

For business coaching to work, regrets must be eliminated

You may have done some things in the past that you are not proud of. They can even horrify you.

One way to get rid of these remorse is to write a letter, however it is not any letter. It must be a very personal letter that lists your main sorrows and what you think was the main cause of them. For example, you could write something like this: “I deeply regret treating the staff of my team in a condescending and degrading manner. They did nothing to deserve this. Now I see that the fault is on my side. And the cause was the lack of confidence in myself. ”

Repentance is the second most frequent emotion and is mentioned after love. Despite this, you may never have seriously repented of any fact. It could be time for you to change this.

Consider how repentance may be holding you back in life and decide to do something about it.