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In the early twentieth century, international cricket was dominated by the first members of the Imperial Cricket Conference, England, Australia and South Africa. Later renamed International Cricket Conference, then International Cricket Council, the ICC gradually assumed more and more responsibilities for the administration of the game and moved its power base from west to east. When, in 2005, the ICC moved its offices from Lord to London – the MCC’s headquarters, the original leaders of the game and still its legislators – to Dubai, the passing of the old methods of governance was complete. The priorities of the game have also changed. At the end of the 21st century, only Australia and England still played Cricket Test in full. Everywhere else, especially in India and Pakistan, crowds have gathered to see limited internationals. Cricket test has become almost an afterthought. Although the MCC retains the power to change the laws of the game, the ICC has developed its own code of conduct for players, officials and administrators, which sets disciplinary procedures and protects the spirit of the game. major international tournaments, including the one-day and 20-day World Cups and the Champions Trophy. In 2000, the ICC set up an anti-corruption unit (renamed anti-corruption unit and security unit in 2003) to combat the growing threat of illegal gambling and match-fixing. At the beginning of 2010, the ICC had 10 full members and dozens of associate and affiliate members.

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One of the founding members of the ICC, Australia remains one of the most powerful countries on the ground and off. The history of cricket in Australia goes back to 1803, when the game was introduced by the crew of a British ship. The first intercolonial match was held in 1851 between Victoria and Tasmania. At the end of the 19th century, English teams regularly traveled to Australia. The first official test match was played in Melbourne in 1877 by Australia and England, marking the start of the oldest international cricket rivalry, a series known as The Ashes (see Matches Match below). ).

Cricket is played all over Australia and the games are fiercely competitive at all levels. All major Australian players from Sir Don Bradman to Shane Warne developed their skills in club cricket before graduating from national and national teams,


  • I do not like cricket. I take it as a priority … something I have to do. Gautam Gambhir