Mumbai Square is a best Indian Restaurant in Whitechapel London, which offers a lot for Asian people, especially for India. A lot of people also baked potatoes and if you are living in London, than you may see different variations in baked potatoes in Mumbai Square in London, which is no doubt one of the best Indian in Whitechapel area. Below this post is all about Mumbai Square.

Mumbai Square London

With this warm weather you cannot get enough of it: ice. A soft ice cream from the local ice cream farmer or maybe you have more appetite for a Koupe protein ice cream. Because ice cream is of course a lot more fun if it also has benefits for your health. Nothing is unhealthier than a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, full of sugar and actually without any added nutritional values.

Mumbai Square: best Indian Restaurant in Whitechapel London

The question is, how healthy is Koupe protein ice, is it indeed as healthy as advertised or is Koupe protein ice unhealthy? In this review you can read all about the protein-rich ice creams of Koupe and whether this is a good addition to your diet or not.

What is Koupe?

First briefly about the brand and the company, Koupe is a startup that was set up from the love for food and healthy living by the owners of the company. Koupe believes that preparing healthy and tasty food can go well together, without losing the taste or pleasure of ice cream.

In order to respond to this vision, they have also developed high-protein ice cream. The idea behind this is that this ice is a healthier and smarter alternative to normal ice. For example, the ice cream from Koupe contains a lot of whey protein and fiber. They claim that Koupe contains only half of the calories and a quarter of the sugars compared to normal ice cream. This is partly due to the fact that Koupe uses whole milk and whey proteins that give the ice a tasty full flavor, compared to other brands that mainly use whipped cream in the preparation.

The many proteins and fibers also ensure that you are saturated more quickly. So you have to eat less of Koupe protein ice to be full. Ice that contains a lot of sugar ensures that you get hungry again in no time. Another advantage is that due to the low fat content, the ice does not quickly harden in the freezer.

The ice cream of Koupe is therefore high in protein and healthy compared to ‘normal’ ice cream that can contain a lot of sugars. The company has been smart by making it available in almost all supermarkets in the Netherlands (and soon in Denmark and the United States). This makes Koupe a low-threshold purchase, you do not necessarily have to order it on the internet or go to an expensive specialist store for it.

You can buy Koupe in four different flavors, namely chocolate, banana, strawberry and of course vanilla. There are no artificial colors and flavors in the ice. Now the company naturally creates high expectations with these claims.

Koupe compared to other brands

To see if Koupe is actually healthy ice cream, we can compare this brand with the other ice cream brands that are on the market for sale. Popular brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum

Alone if we look at the calories, Koupe looks a lot better than his competition. On 100 grams of ice Koupe contains about 160 calories while Ben & Jerry’s on 265 and Magnum even on 325! Also in terms of carbohydrates, Koupe (17.5 gr) scores better than Ben & Jerry’s (27 gr) and Magnum (31 gr)

In the area of ​​salt, however, Koupe is slightly worse, with a content of 0.20 grams of salt per 100 grams, compared to the only 0.12 grams of Magnum.

What it is all about, of course, are the proteins. There, Koupe stands head and shoulders above the other brands. With its 13.3 grams of protein per 100 grams, this is certainly the highest number of proteins you will encounter in ice cream, so Ben & Jerry’s contains about 4 grams of protein and Magnum about 3.5 grams.

Is the ice cream of Koupe tasty?

Enough about the health effects, an ice cream must of course also taste good. Fortunately they also hit the nail on its head. The ice creams of Koupe taste as good as that of the famous brands. The ice cream has a rich and full taste and you can taste that there is no chemical mess. Nor is the ice happy, which you might expect with the term ‘healthy ice cream’.

Is Koupe protein ice healthy?

This is difficult to say, yes and no. Compared to other brands, Koupe’s ice cream is indeed a lot healthier. It contains a lot of protein and contains little sugar, calories and fat. But, in fact, ice is never really healthy. Koupe is a lot healthier than an average ice cream, but sweetened ice cream does not really fit in a healthy diet.

So you can certainly take a cup of ice cream every once in a while, but it stays ice cream so you cannot take it very often with the idea that it is healthy and that it is allowed. Enjoy, but keep eating ice in moderation, also that of Koupe.