What is property management?

It is possible to rely on the notion of wealth management in order to try to bring a definition to the concept of property management.

Let’s start by giving a quick definition of wealth management.

Definition: Management of all the assets and liabilities that constitute the patrimony of a client according to his personal situation and his objectives.

It is thus possible to define the concept of wealth management as follows:

Definition: Management of all the real estate elements that constitute the patrimony of a client according to his personal situation and his objectives.

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A management or rather management of real estate assets?

It should be emphasized that beyond the definition given above, the concept of property management is a more complex notion.

It is at the crossroads of several disciplines (management, real estate expertise, taxation) and varies according to the means and objectives of each situation.

Who is the estate management company for?

An individual (owner) can decide to manage his own property. But it can also decide to delegate this task to another actor, a professional specializing in the management of real estate assets. For management of you real estate assets you can visit to Best Real Estate agent in Tampa 2018 .

Who are the actors of the real estate management?

Real estate asset management can be aimed at public or private entities, natural or legal persons, who seek the profitability and the valuation of their real estate assets, whether they are owners, operators, managers or investors.

What are the missions of a real estate asset manager?

A real estate asset manager can help you manage and develop your real estate assets at each period of your patrimonial life (acquisition, transmission, tax exemption).

  • He is a specialized and independent player who – because of his specific knowledge of the sector and his know-how – is able to provide you with his advice and skills in the context of your a
  • He takes care of the management of your property: receiving the rents, supervising the work to be done, renewal of the tenants etc. He organizes the visits, establishes the leases and the inventory of fixtures. He is the property manager (buildings, apartments, etc.) and intervenes in case of problems or lease termination.