It’s been a few years since 3D printers landed here. In addition to their relatively high price, many features differentiate all the myriad of models currently available. That’s why you have to think carefully before choosing a 3D printer or you’ll regret it bitterly.

Fortunately, we are here to help you make your choice and guide you in your purchase decision. So read this comparison to see more clearly on the 3D printers market.

1. Zortax M200

Zortax M200 Reviews

If you want to enjoy high-quality printing, look no further than the Zortax M200, one of the best printers on the market. It is certainly not given, but it will provide you with an impression of unbeatable quality, while remaining silent.

Because 3D prints often take hours, some people do it at night, so it’s important to have a rather quiet 3D printer if you want to sleep in peace. According to the Zortax M200 is one of the best pinter ever.

Only Zortax filaments are compatible with this 3D printer, which could clog some, but that means quality for others. Indeed, with this printer, you will not have to wait to know if “it worked” at the end of several hours of printing, but you can be sure that with Zortax compatible filaments, the result will be impeccable to every impression.

This printer is really perfect, we just regret the lack of settings.

2. Flashforge Creator Pro

Here, in our opinion, is the second best 3D printer available. More accessible price level than the second, it will be ideal for small print jobs.

It will allow you to print quickly and accurately: that’s all we ask!

Be careful though the odors that may emerge, they are not the strongest, but it should avoid installing in your room or other room that could bother you.

You can also change the settings and settings of this 3D printer so that the print fits your needs perfectly. Its printing surface is rather large which is also very practical (dimensions: 227 x 148 x 150 mm).

3. Dremel idea Builder

The Dremel Idea Builder is an even more affordable 3D printer than the previous two, while remaining efficient and offering a quality impression: that’s why it wins the third place in our rankings.

If your choice is on the latter, it will be delivered with all the necessary tools for printing, in addition to an SD card and a white filament.

Its installation is ultra fast and its use will be a breeze thanks to the simplified software. In addition, hundreds of print templates are available on the manufacturer’s website – you only have to choose one, print and wait.

For the continuation, 10 colors of filaments will be proposed to you, so that you can give a more dynamic side to your creations. Little more: the service is French and the 3D printer is guaranteed 2 years.

4. Flashforge 1169

The Flashforge 1169 is one of the best-selling 3D printers on Amazon, and for good reason: it delivers accurate, fast printing at a reduced cost.

While less accurate than the three printers previously presented, it is ideal for 3D printing enthusiasts and beginners. You can be sure to make a good investment with the Flashforge 1169 without breaking the bank.

Its installation will not pose any problem, any more than its use is relatively simple. In addition, software updates are frequently available on the manufacturer’s website for you to have the optimal programming for your printer.

You can use any wires for this printer, which means that you will not have to buy priority brand leads, which are more difficult to obtain.

5. GeeeTech Prusa I3 Pro B

The GeeeTech Prusa I3 Pro B is a 3D printer that will have to be mounted on your own as it comes in a kit. This is why it is offered at a low price elsewhere.

This kind of 3D printer is not necessarily suitable for novices. The assembly is simple but quite laborious, and it would be a shame to let it take the dust on a shelf if you do not have time to mount it.

If you’re feeling upset or have a handyman soul, or even if you do not have the means to pay for ready-made models, this 3D kit printer is one of the best that can be found on the market.

Extra screws and nuts are even provided in case you lose. Unfortunately, the warranty only lasts 3 months for the extruder and 6 months for the other components.